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"The Luxury Japan Award" honors Japan's leading luxury hotels, ryokan, and restaurants. The award will be held for the second time in 2022, and a restaurant category has been newly established.

Based on the original selection criteria, the best 10 hotels in each category are selected by the selection committee chaired by Kengo Kuma, and the best 10 facilities will be awarded the titles of Hotel of the year and Restaurant of the year.

Luxury Japan Hotel of the year 2024

Hotel of the year 2024


Hakuba, Nagano

Reason for selection

Kanolly Resorts was established in Hakuba Village, Nagano Prefecture in December 2022. This private villa with butler service is limited to one couple per day and features three gassho-style roofs that resemble the three mountains of Hakuba. The villa boasts 400 square meters of space, including three bedrooms, an outdoor bath, a living room, and a private garden. For meals, guests can enjoy meat dishes at the adjoining steak restaurant, which is connected to the villa by an inner corridor, as well as dishes prepared by a sushi chef and other chefs from restaurants in Tokyo that are difficult to book.

Luxury Japan Restaurant of the year 2024

Restaurant of the year 2024


Arashiyama, Kyoto

Reason for selection

"Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama Honten" is a top-class ryotei restaurant founded by Teiichi Yuki, who was called the god of Japanese cuisine. Currently, the third generation chef, Kunio Tokuoka, is the executive chef, continuing the teachings of Mr. Yuki. The restaurant's location is excellent, and it is already a favorite of many wealthy people from abroad. His cuisine, which is based on tradition but also makes use of free ideas, is full of warmth and surprises that will make you feel at home, and you can enjoy the best hospitality in a space that changes with the seasons and has a calm and serene atmosphere.


Kengo KumaArchitect

Committee member

Masuhiro YamamotoFood critic
Kotaro KashiwabaraGastronomy producer
Mayumi HayashiWine consultant & educator
Hiroko KomatsuFood journalist
Haruo ShimadaProfessor Emeritus,
Keio University
Naoyuki MiyayamaClub Concierge CEO
Naohiro UedaCredit Saison
Hideki MatsushitaUNIQ TABLE CEO





Criteria of Selection

The Selection Committee members nominated candidates based on the following selection criteria, and all Selection Committee members cast their votes in advance from among the nominated candidates. After disclosing the results of the voting, all members of the selection committee deliberated and decided on the 10 best hotels in each category. The establishments with the highest scores were selected as Hotel of the year and Restaurant of the year.

Hotel and Ryokan Category

  1. 1.The hotel or ryokan must be worthy of being introduced to the world's wealthy people
  2. 2.It must be luxurious
  3. 3.Efforts to welcome diverse populations (language, halal, kosher, gluten-free, etc.)
  4. 4.Consistent quality of service
  5. 5.As a general rule, rooms must have at least 100 square meters in size.
  6. 6.In principle, rooms must have at least 3 bedrooms or be able to comfortably accommodate a family of about 6 people, which is common among wealthy foreign nationals.

Restaurant Category

  1. 1.The restaurant must be worthy of being introduced to the world's wealthy people.
  2. 2.Having excellent skills and giving pleasure to the visitors.
  3. 3.Originality and dishes that surprise and inspire
  4. 4.Efforts to welcome diverse populations (language, halal, kosher, gluten-free, etc.)
  5. 5.Consistent quality of service
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